INCI Name: Piroctone Olamine

Broad spectrum anti-micribial, often used as anti-dandruff
CAS No.: 68890-66-4
Appearance:  White crystalline powder
Recommended dosage:  0.05-0.4%
Solubility: Completely soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in water
Application: Cosmetic grade

                   1. Anti-dandruff and anti-pruritic effect is better than similar products.

                    2. Unique anti-dandruff mechanism, low irritation, will not cause hair loss, broken, has a good safety performance. At present, it is the only anti-dandruff and anti-pruritic agent available for leave-in hair products.
                  3. It has a broad-spectrum killing effect on fungus and mold and has a good therapeutic effect on tinea pedis and handwork.
                  4. It can be used for acne skin caused by propionic acid bacilli.
                  5. With sterilization and deodorization functions, it can be used in bath liquid, the deodorization products.
                  6. It can replace preservatives in cosmetics.
                  7. Good solubility and compounding performance, and no precipitation and stratification phenomenon will occur when mixed with other cosmetic raw materials.
                  8. The thickening effect is significant, if there add OCT in the shampoo, it can be done without or add a little bit of thickening agent, which not only simplifies the production process, but also increases the stability of the product, and appropriately reduces the production costs.
                  1. Soluble in ethanol, slightly soluble in water.

                  2. It is widely used in anti-dandruff shampoo, hair tonic and conditioner, and other wash and skincare cosmetics.
                  3. It can be used for hair washing, hair care, bath solution, cosmetics, skin care products, and washing products.
Recommended dosage:
Leave-in products: 0.05 - 0.1%.
                  2. Wash type products: 0.3 - 0.4%