INCI Name: Caprylhydroxamic Acid

Item No.: Zley®BIOCARE-CHA
CAS No.: 7377-03-9
Appearance:  White crystalline powder
Recommended dosage:  0.05-0.20%
Solubility: Well soluble in propylene glycol, and glycerol
Application: Cosmetic grade
A chelating agent, also works as a preservative used in preservative-free

Properties: The best antibacterial organic acid. It has high-efficiency chelation, can inhibit the active elements needed by molds, and limit the environment needed for microbial growth.
                     1. Soluble in propylene glycol,
and glycerol.
                     2. It can be used for formulation systems without chemical preservatives. Widely used in gel, essence, lotion, cream, shampoo, bath cream, etc.
                     3. Compatible with the vast majority of ingredients, not affected by surfactants, or proteins of formulation, can be used in combination with alcohol, diols preservatives.

Instruction of Formulation Application

1. SolubilityAlcohol-soluble (e.g. propylene glycol, glycerin, etc.)
2. pH:pH<7
3. Dosage0.05~0.20%
4. Working temperatureBelow 50℃
5. Aqueous phaseDissolve in propylene glycol and glycerin first, and then add to the system and stir evenly
6. Oil phaseNo special instruction
7. Thickening systemUse with the preservative against mold 
8. Application suggestionDissolve in propylene glycol and glycerin in advance, and then add to the system and stir evenly
9. Incompatibility
Caprylhydroxamic acid can not mixed with copper peptide, when they are mixed together, it will chelate copper ions, to form flocculent, the solution changes from blue to green
10. Storage recommendationStore in a cool and dry place. Shelf life is two years.