INCI Name: Betaine Salicylate

Item No.: ZLEY®BSA
CAS No.: 17671-53-3
Appearance:  White powder
Recommended dosage:  0.5-4.0%
Solubility: Insoluble in water, completely soluble in methanol,  and absolute ethanol.
Application: Cosmetic grade
Appearance: White powder.
It can gently promote skin metabolism, the sloughing off of dead skin, to improve skin elasticity.
                   2. Apply to prevent skin aging, improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and make the face or body's skin bright and clean.
                   3. It can effectively inhibit the growth of Gram-positive and negative bacteria and mold, effectively kill the fungus that produces dandruff, accelerate cuticle shedding, play the role of dandruff removal, and can moisturize and nourish hair.
                   1. Insoluble in water, easily soluble in methanol,
 and absolute ethanol.
                   2. Widely used in creams, milk, shampoo, and body washing products.
Recommended dosage:
                   1. Skin care products 0.5
 - 4.0%;
                   2. Acne products 3.0%;
                   3. Whitening and anti-aging products 1.0 - 2.0%.
Optional: Triethanolamine is mixed with beet salicylic acid in the proportion of 0.75:1(mass ratio), and make it is dissolved into a 6% aqueous solution by adding water, then adding it into formulations.