Item No.: CAS No.: 5343-92-0
CAS No.: 5343-92-0
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid.
                    1. As an alkanol, it has high compatibility with most
 raw materials in personal care products.
                    2.1. 2-glutaryl glycol is an excellent humectant with an antibacterial effect. It has synergistic effect with traditional preservatives and helps to reduce the usage of traditional preservatives in the formulation.
                    3. In sunscreen products, helps to improwater-resistance distance and solubility of some ingredients.
                    4. The influence of 2-pentanediol on particle size and distribution of emulsion contributes to the stability and better appearance of the formula, and also reduces the viscosity caused by adding polymer to the formula
Soluble in water and ethanol.
                    2.1. 2-pentanediol is an excellent humectant and has antiseptic properties. It can prepare preservative-free products, reducing allergies caused by preservatives.
                    3. It can improwater-resistance distance of sunscreen products and dissolve the active ingredients which are difficult to soluble.
                    4. Used in skin creams, eye creams, skin lotions, baby care products, sun protection products, etc.
Recommended dosage: 0.5 - 21.29%