ZLEY Cosmetic Ingredients Manufacturer and Supplier

Functionality of Skin Care Research Center

With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, people have a higher and higher demand for skin maintenance and more and more understanding of cosmetics. We have faith and strive to explore skincare products. To this end, we set up a functional skincare research and development center. With chemical tests and cell essays, we studied the functions of cosmetics.

Our R&D team at this center is composed of experienced scientists. Mainly study anti-aging, spot fading, whitening, and sunscreen efficacy.

Spot fading and whitening products:
This kind of product can eliminate all types of facial color spots, fade the existing epidermal melanin, prevent pigmentation, whitening skin.

Anti-aging products:
With the function of exfoliation, stimulated epidermal cell regeneration, and thickened cuticle, providing 24 hours of moisturizing, nourishing, eliminating wrinkles, and keeping skin smooth and elastic.