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What is Chlorphenesin?

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Update time : 2021-08-16 10:21:43
I believe we have all encountered things like going to the supermarket in the evening and cakes are on sale at a discount. Why are cakes discounted at night? Because this kind of food is not added preservatives, if not eaten in time will be bad. Skincare products are the same, the active ingredients of skincare products are active ingredients, and once the product is opened in contact with the air, the microorganisms in the air will contact and destroy the active ingredients of skincare products, if there is no preservative, then the speed of product deterioration is very fast.

Preservatives are substances that can prevent the growth of microorganisms or prevent the growth of microorganisms that react to the product. Cosmetics receive microbial contamination causing deterioration, which generally reacts in appearance. For example, mold and yeast often appear in places such as the edges of the product's packaging, such as mold spots. If the amount of preservative added is not sufficient, microorganisms may adapt to the surrounding growth environment and develop resistance, resulting in the failure of the preservative.

A small amount of preservative is added to keep the nature of skincare products stable and to prevent deterioration after opening the lid for use. The more watery a skincare product is, the more preservatives it needs; the closer it is to oil or wax, the more difficult it is for bacteria to survive, and the fewer preservatives are needed.

Most think that using preservatives is very bad for the skin, but in fact, preservatives are not terrible, they also have the difference between chemical preservatives, safe non-toxic preservatives, and natural organic preservatives. Chlorphenesin, as a safe and effective preservative added in limited quantities in cosmetics, has a broad-spectrum antibacterial effect on fungi and bacteria, and can effectively resist Gram-positive and negative bacteria, especially Aspergillus niger and Penicillium pinnatifolium, and has a good inhibitory effect on Candida albicans and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Compared with other preservatives, chlorphenesin is used in cosmetics at a lower concentration, the maximum use of chlorphenesin in the Cosmetics Regulation is 0.3%, 0.01% can play a preservative role, does not contain formaldehyde, is not a formaldehyde releaser, does not denature the protein, is an effective low toxicity antibacterial, antifungal agent, effectively prevent the product from microbial growth caused by the color and unpleasant odor.

Ltd. is a supplier of chlorphenesin preservatives and has been paying close attention to the allergenic components in preservatives. Chlorphenesin is a safe and effective preservative added to cosmetics in limited quantities, with broad-spectrum antibacterial effect on fungi and bacteria, but it is easy to have residues of p-chlorophenol in the process of manufacture, producing irritating odor, not only can be absorbed transdermally but also has high volatility, which is easy to be inhaled into the respiratory tract and cause harm to the human body. Ltd. to solve this residual problem, after much experimental research, finally successfully researched the production process of odorless chlorophenol ether, completely solved the toxic side effects caused by the residue of p-chlorophenol.

 The more natural a skincare product is, the more it needs the help of preservatives to ensure its quality. As long as the preservatives are in accordance with the regulations, the proportion of standard additions is 100% safe, the variety of preservatives, does not mean that bad, many preservatives need to be "used in conjunction" to achieve the best preservative effect. Different types of preservatives do differ in irritation, when buying, you can choose chlorphenesin such as low concentration of preservatives
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